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Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

I grew up in Italy. I am a make-up artist, lover of beauty, who absolutely loves his work and all that comes from it. I appreciate the people I meet, the places I go, the hours I hold and the spontaneity in each model that can work with me.

I do my best to do every single project, from photos to video.



Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, Numéro Paris,Collectible Dry, COsmopolitan Italia, Cool Uk Magazine, Cactus Magazine, Drew Editorial, Riders, Nakedbutsafe, L’Officiel Kazakistan, L’Officiel Homme Kazakistan, L’Officiel Homme Ukraine, L’Officiel Homme Thailand,Man_s World India, D’scene, Book Uomo/Woman, Cool Uk Magazine …

Thank you for looking at the world through my eyes – I hope you enjoy my site and the work I am doing. You have something for me? Get in touch .